Is white eyeliner for you?

I love using white eyeliner. It is always in my make up bag! I have never used a crazy amount of it on my eyes, just in the “V” right in the corner of my eyes to highlight. I lightly blend it to give me a fresh look most days. I use a MAC eyeliner. For somebody who is just trying it out maybe go for a cheaper brand. Rimmels eyeliner pencils do the trick. Make sure there not sticky and they should apply smoothly.


I cant believe the white eyeliner is going to make an appearance in Spring 2014. I am excited but also worried that people will go too far or dont know what there doing. We all know the stars have pulled it off like Katie Perry’s crazy inspired 60’s look. You dont have to go to that extreme.


Kourtney Kardashian has also been seen with black eyeliner and then white eyeliner applied above it. So you can find a style that suits you. It is being used on the catwalks at the moment!




You obviously dont have to be as bold as the catwalks looks. To start you off on the white eyeliner why dont you do what I do, introduce yourself to it. Apply it to the corner of your eyes. See what you think. You could also go for an off white shade. Remember black eyeliner tends to make your eyes look smaller and white eyeliner makes your eyes look bigger and wide open. For a nice fresh but stylish look why dont you try the cat eye?! Its simple but edgy and on trend.


Also a little trick for those hungover days, use white or a beige pencil for under your eyes and use a light eyeshadow to blend and blend in to the corner of your eye to give you fresh looking eyes. Works everytime!

I hope to see alot of people rocking this trend out but please remember to stick to what your comfortable with. Look up the trends…Dont want to see eyeliner covering the whole lid or crazy zig zags! There is a look for everyone!


Jem x


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