White Chocolate Peppermint


So working in Teavana is exciting especially when you recieve new teas! There is so many seasonal teas now – Pumpkin spiced bruleè, Spiced apple cider and Orange chocolate spice which are all lovely by the way but one of the new teas ‘White Chocolate Peppermint’ is by far my favourite seasonal tea.


It is a Rooibos which is a red bush from South Africa. It has a balancing peppermint flavour with both white and dark chocolate pieces to infuse a decedent, yet calorie and caffeine free rooibos blend. Its blended with the highest quality long-cut red rooibos that gives the overall blend an elevated taste of natural carmel-like sweetness.

When you first taste it you get this warm chocolaty taste and then the refreshing peppermint comes in. You brew this for 5 mins. For every 8oz of water use 1.5 tsp. I use 3-4 tsp for my big mug and a dash of milk to make it more creamy.


Its one of my favourite flavoured teas we have. I recently filled my red tin with this beautiful tea. The beauty of rooibos and herbal teas is that theres no caffeine in them so you can drink them right before bedtime! This is a perfect gift for someone for Christmas. Go and get some, you wont be disappointed. What you smell is what you get in Teavana I can promise you that! 🙂


Jem x


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