Autumn/Winter 2013 Make up


This year the maroon “wine stained” lips are back. I love this winter look.  I love dark lips I think there very classy, old hollywood kind of look except more edgy. Theres plenty more shades out there to suit people that dont want to go this dark. A nice rose petal shade would be nice just make sure you stay in the burgundy/wine shade and not head into the browns. The wine stained lips are also making an appearance on the runway.


If you want to pull this look off you can do a smokey eye, classic eyeliner or maybe a touch of gold dust. Dont go to crazy on the rest of the make up. A naked eye would be perfect for it as its such a bold statement. If this doesnt appeal to you dont worry theres a look for everyone… “Pretty Pink” is going to be a trend which is just simple and pale-like make up. Its a real natural look which is so refreshing.

If you like a bit more going on its also all about your eye make up this year.


Stament lines are big this winter. Dont be afraid to do something different and creative. Black, metalic, bold colour eyeliners are all the range. Theres a reason why they are called statement lines..your suppose to make a statement. You obviously dont have to go for a bright pink eyeliner. Try something that will suit you and what you will be comfortable with wearing. A nice metalic navy or gold with maybe a smokey eye?! Play around with it. Have fun!


As for eyebrows…big brows is the new trend and its not going anywhere anytime soon. Its here to stay for a while so stop plucking start growing. Some people are even back combing there eyebrows. Remember to still keep them tamed and trimmed but to get that nice shape purchase a good brow gel. Just make sure you have a bit of control over your eyebrows. If you have blonde hair like me go 1-2 shades darker for that fashion edgy style.


To finish of this look apply a maroon/burgundy shade nail polish. It just completes your whole look. Gives it an elegant finish. I cant wait to purchase a new shade of lipstick. I am excited about this trend hope you are too.

Jem x


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