Last few days in a great city!





I want to apologise to why I havn’t been writing on my blog. I am getting ready to go back to Dublin for Christmas!! I am so excited cant wait to see everyone.

Toronto in winter is beautiful! I love the snow! Yes it is freezing, -17 (feels -26) but its bearable when you have the right clothes and the snow makes it look so pretty so its not that bad. But where I am going I need to prepare myself…snow boots is on the list and maybe a balaclava (what I have been told) I am excited that i’ll be living in a new city but so nervous as how will I bare the cold but look its an experience ha!!

I am going to miss Toronto but can’t wait for whats in store for us. I am thankfull for my time here. I have met so many people who will be in my life forever. I am going to miss Teavana and the people I work with. This city will always be in my heart and I hope to come back here one day. You never know I might be back sooner than I expect. Toronto it has been a pleasure but there’s no place like home…especially for christmas 🙂

Jem x


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